Link for The Color Purple (1985)

A link for Steven Spielbergs adaptation of The Color Purple

Must watch on Laptop/Computer. Click “Continue as Free User” and will let you pass to a new page with the film you can watch online.


‘The Color Purple’ so far.

I have been studying the novel ‘The Color Purple’ written by Alice Walker. The Novel was published in 1982 and is about a young black girl living in south america, named Celie. Throughout the novel we learn about her life in the form of letters she writes to God which like a diary reflects on the day as she tells it.

We began reading the book in class as a group and discussed different aspects of the book including feminism and racism. We watch the film ‘The Great Debaters’ to help us understand racism and ‘Made in Dagenham’ to understand feminism and I think it has made an effect as it gives an example of it in a situation.

We had to write a short paragraph or two to give our position on whether we believe the book is about racism or sexism. Overall I think the novel is more to do with sexism as women were just used a belittled with no voice to stand up with.

We will have to compare this book with another novel ‘The Help’ written by Kathryn Stockett.