The Man and the Echo

In this haunting poem, Yeats is an imaginary dialogue with his own cool in a mystical place. He asks questions about life and death. The echo seems to suggest that he gives up but the poet defies this negativity in a passionate defence of the life of the mind. The echo then goes on to repeat its sense of futility but the argument over meaning and significance is interrupted by the blind difference of the world of nature and can reach no conclusion.

If Among School Children asks questions of life and art and the possibilities of fulfilment this curious and later haunting poem expresses more doubt and uncertainty of the value and meaning of the poet. But in a way that all inserts the vital importance of the life of the mind and art. It’s a poem reflecting on death. Another person stations of the drama if the human soul asking great quiets ion and finding only the truth. A mystical place at one of the mountains in slider, the journey is one of the Grecian journey to the arrival of the orical at delton. Only here the answers to the great questions the poet poses a short echoes of his own words.

In this secret place which is never touched by light the poet seeming utterly alone with his thoughts and is rather cut off from the world undergoes a final reckoning with his souls. The lines bitter/terse intensity and simple full rhymes give the poem it’s powerful atmosphere. They give the poem a chant life feel and there’s the quality of an epitaf of some of the words. But the overwhelming affect in extremes reaching in this dark place of his mind to the limit of his own understanding. It’s tantalising in the poem that the separate voice takes and alters the mans meaning and changes them in addition to the bleak deadening echo of his own predicament in the face of death. The echo cannot give him and independent answers back, a man can only hear his own echo a reflection of his own cravings, a mirror of his own guilty secrets, a bleak cold a formation of his existential loneliness. The existence of two voice and then a third which is nature crying out out that cuts mans debate with himself suggesting a reality that is highly mysterious and illusion. The man who is the dying poet desires an answer, an explanation, a kind of closure but the voices reverberate on in their own haunting, illusive way.

•Conversations and echoes when Yeats pauses except for end which conjures up the idea of death.

•Self doubt.

•Uses rhyming couplets, 4 feet per line, 7-8 syllable lines hard echo voice. Independent from poets that is chilling like rabbit which is a reminder of violence and separate world of nature, many of his poems are two views and debating. (Like in Easter 1916).

•Plain talk but has a slow and controlled pace created by the metre of the poem. The straightforwardness of the language says he is assessing his past and looks forward to death.


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