The Second Coming

From the colection entitled ‘Michael Robartes and the dancer’ this poem is about Yeats vision of the second coming. When Christ comes to judge the living from the dead. But Yeats sees it as a Nast unwanted creature. Doctor Craddock, “Yeats believes the second coming is not a gently saviours but an uncoils monster” and it is also described as “A metaphor for the new age”. The main themes are chaos, evil, apocalyptic vision, harsh and dark. In 1918 he saw the violence as a new historical phase interpretation of a ruined world. The poem uses monosyllables and the lack of stopping gives energy. There are aggressive and disturbing words used and he links to unstoppable forces such as Hitler. He uses the words ‘Spiritus Mundi’ which links to the spirt world as he believes there is an elements of the supernatural in the poem.


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